Y&YA Resources

We hope these studies may bless your groups as you meet and eat by adding robust discussion, prayerful study of scripture and hopefully from which affirmation, challenge, rebuke and inspiration may arise.

All these studies are free to download and use as you wish. Modify them as you need as they are designed for young people and we hope they may bless you and others. 


Follower Fundamentals Series

The Follower Fundamentals: These three remain: Faith, Hope & Love. Opening up the three Theological Virtues, the “fundamentals” of following Jesus.

Basic SeriesBasic Series: Francis Chan’s excellent series helping us get back to basics in our faith. Exploring the Trinity, the Church, our purpose and identity. (This series is only available by purchasing. Click on link above).

Sermon On The Mount PtII

Sermon On The Mount Part II: Teachings from Jesus on how to live a life to the full! From hypocrisy to worry to listening out for the truth. Our second part of the SOTM Series.

The Book of Acts

The Book of Acts: Is it the Acts of the Apostles? No! Rather the Acts of the Holy Spirit. Journey with us as we watch the early church take up the challenge to witness their Lord and Saviour Jesus to the world and do so by the power of the Holy Spirit.

The Book of Jonah

The Book of Jonah: Life is like a circus. It has ups and downs, highs and lows. Different seasons come and go. The Book of Jonah challenges us on how to weather the different challenges that come and put God in the centre.

End of Greed Series

End of Greed Series: Baptist World Aid’s End of Greed Series challenges our conceptions that we’ve taken on from our world around us. Consumerism & Greed VS Generosity & Justice. Which will prevail?

Ekklesia Series

Ekklesia Series: Why Church? Ekklesia: the greek work in the New Testament for Church means the “Called Out” ones. In this series we explore all that it means for us to be God’s church.

YNLIC Series

Your New Life In Christ Series: What does it look like to live a life with Jesus? Maybe you’re still on that journey, maybe you’ve just become a Christian. Either way, this series is a great way to explore the principles and big questions that arise for a new follower of Jesus.


At Cross Purposes Series

At Cross Purposes Series: What does the Cross bring? With Jesus’ death and resurrection we find that God fulfils and accomplishes a multitude of achievements for his people through his Son. From reconciliation to redemption to atonement, we open up the many purposes of the cross.

Sermon On The Mount PtI

Sermon On The Mount Part I: Teachings from Jesus on how to live life well. Blessings, Do’s & Do Nots and all that Salt! Pearls of wisdom from the man himself!

The Book of 1 Peter

The Book of 1 Peter: Peter the Apostle’s first letter to the dispersed early followers of Jesus, scattered around the Holy Roman Empire, strangers and aliens in foreign lands. In this series we explore all the challengers that come to the people of God.

KOG SeriesThe Kingdom Of God Series: The kingdom of God has drawn near! What is the Kingdom of God? What does it look like? If we are God’s people then how do we interact as part of our King’s kingdom? If God reigns in our lives then should our lives be the same as those around us? Come explore mustard seeds and wedding banquets!

Missio Dei Series

Missio Dei Series: “As the Father has sent me, I am sending you” said Jesus. We as God’s people are called to go and make disciples. This series explores how we can join in the Mission of God.