What’s On

Throughout the year we have a whole myriad of events happening for all ages. Our calendar stays up to date so you can join in the action as we live life together as a community.



 Saturday 20th

HBC Missions Trivia Night

Get a team together! Fill out a  Brighthope Trivia Team Sheet and return to church office.


saturday 3rd

Saturday Night Live


Saturday 10th

Heart to Serve Concert

Steve Apirana is a gifted communicator, highly skilled guitarist and vocalist, with an extraordinary sense of humour. Ainsley has a gentleness that resonates through her music and compliments her witty husband. Together they present a down to earth couple who love to share their music and uplift others. Join Steve and Ainsley for an inspirational, comical and most enjoyable evening of entertainment and music.  Part of ticket sales will go towards helping Haitian children go to school. Purchase tickets here

Monday 19th

Prayer Night

You are invited to come and pray for the state of the world, for our church, for a new Senior Pastor, for the Pastoral search and for continuing ministries of the church. Welcome from 7:30pm-9:30pm in the Church Auditorium.

for more info on any of our events happening throughout the year check our hughes News, the community notice board in the foyer or contact our church office at office@hughesbaptist.org