Our Pastors


Pastor Duncan Becsi

How good is God! In my very late teens God’s spotlight shone upon my heart and exposed everything that was shameful and hidden. But far from leaving me there, He sent the Spirit of His Son to take up residence to begin a life-long restoration project. Cleaning out the old, dusty, squalid rooms filled with darkness and pulling back the curtains to let in the light.

Since then, Jesus has led me into a life of full-time ministry. In the first instance as a pastor in the local church, then as a Navy Chaplain, and once more as a pastor at Hughes. It’s fair to say that pastoring, and everything that such a work entails, is what I love.

Preaching God’s Word, seeing lives transformed by God’s Spirit, walking with God’s people, and seeing the Gospel moving out into God’s world – nothing else comes close.

Of course there is a great deal more to me than my work. I’m married to Sharon and am father to seven fantastic children. Like many Australians I enjoy watching the rugby, soccer, Aussie Rules and cricket. I don’t mind the netball either, particularly as my three oldest daughters play.

In the end though, my greatest joy is seeing people walking in step with Jesus. Knowing the difference that Jesus makes and the hope that Jesus brings, why wouldn’t it be?

Pastor Andrew McConaghy 

One of the reasons I have been in ministry over the past thirty-odd years is that I love connecting with people, hearing their stories and where possible helping them out spiritually. I also enjoy preaching God’s word – making it relevant and understandable to all who hear it.

I love to see people grow spiritually; discovering their God, growing their gifts and using them productively in service to Christ.

But I’m also active – running is a passion, gardening is a joy and gathering around a table with friends is something I love doing.

I grew up in Melbourne and so Aussie Rules is in my blood. I follow Melbourne and so I never get used to winning! But I keep hoping that one day a premiership will be won.