Each year, we support several Missions projects, either locally, nationally and internationally. Each month, we focus on a different mission, and pray for them as they seek to do God’s work

19 November 2017

Mission Focus: Global Interaction Australia

An update from Zak Stewart who is serving in Indonesia as a short term
missionary with Global Interaction. Please continue to pray for Zak. 

I have arrived safe in Bandung and have spent my first day with my friends here. The people around me are great. There are three other Australians that I will be journeying with.

Tomorrow we start our learning. We are expected to learn 50 words a day. After my effort today in speaking the language to order food and ask directions, it is clear that I have a lot to learn. It is a great environment to learn in and I look forward to reporting back what has happened.

One of the things that I learned today was that the language and values we use when telling others about our story and how we know our dad is tailored to our culture. around the dinner table we tried to tell our story while using appropriate words. It was challenging and thought
provoking. I will not bombard you with too much information, but know that I am safe and eager to learn and contribute with my new friends.


12 November 2017

Mission Focus: Bubs+Us

Bubs+Us Playgroup is an outreach ministry of Hughes Baptist Church and was established in 2011.  Its beginnings were small with a handful of helpers and only church mums attending.  However, it was never intended to be a ‘holy huddle’ and, with the help of ACT Playgroups membership and advertising, we soon had families from our local community attending and finding a playgroup home.  We have approximately 30 families that we are currently connected with, and have had at least triple that in total over the years.  Some of those whose children have moved onto school, we still have the privilege of engaging with, particularly around special events e.g. the Gingerbread House Night.

Playgroup runs from 9:30 – 11:30am each Tuesday during the school terms.  We follow a simple program which consists of outside/inside free play, morning tea, craft or activity time, and finishing with a group story and music time.  We incorporate the Easter and Christmas stories at significant times of the year, with the aim of celebrating and sharing our faith in a gentle, considerate way.

It was set up as a safe play space for children to join in with interactive activities, including art and craft, sensory play, simple cooking and gardening, imaginary play, music and stories.  This allows children to bond with their caregivers, learn how to interact socially and explore their worlds.  For the grown-ups, whilst it provides an affordable place to bring their children, its purpose is community.  The hope is that mums, dads, grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles and au pairs will encounter a place where they experience God’s love by being genuinely supported and cared for, by coordinators, helpers and participants from within our church.  This must go beyond the Tuesday morning; it is about ‘doing’ life together.  We have been reminded of the importance of this in the past few weeks and just how isolating and stressful early parenthood can be.  We tragically lost a previously attending playgroup mum who passed away unexpectedly and suddenly.  May we ask you to lift up this family to our Heavenly Father; that they would find comfort in amongst the grief and that we be directed as to how we can actively support them.